A charity has turned to pizza delivery to help young people avoid the pitfalls of problem gaming. Pizza boxes bearing the image of a young man seated beside a grey-coloured “missing” friend display text reading: “Problem Gambling Can Void a Friendship.” The message will be distributed to more than half a million households over the […]

Schools chiefs are studying a donation worth MORE THAN £26,000 closely because it comes from local casino bosses. The cash is earmarked to provide all junior schools in Saskatoon, Canada, with automated heart defibrillators. But even though the cash would not go directly to education accepting the money would cross a line, say insiders. One […]

A Canadian city is BETTING on a planned new casino to fund housing for the homeless. A recent study put the cost of eliminating homelessness in Nanaimo, British Colombia, at more than £22 million. Now proceeds from a tax on the Great Canadian Casino at Port Place Mall will be spent buying land for low-income […]

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