An online casino boss says the global downturn is hitting the numbers of vital “High Roller” players on his sites. But Victor Chandler said there was no real way to tell how business would be affected by the credit crunch, although he feared the UK market was close to saturation. “This is the first time […]

A court has ruled casino bosses can be quizzed over whether they knew a multi-million pound gambler was banned when they allegedly LURED him to their tables. Former property developer Harry Kakavas turned over more than £600 million during a 14-month gambling binge across Australia from June 2005, the Victorian Supreme Court heard. As reported […]

A high-ranking churchman who went bankrupt after his son ran up multi-million pound gambling debts has called for internet casinos to be BANNED. Bishop Ernst Baasland’s son Bjarte, 34, is on the run after an international arrest warrant was issued over an alleged £2.8 million fraud. Bjarte told his parents he needed money to set […]

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