A top British bookie may be close to going “under” … DOWN UNDER! Ladbrokes says it is looking to win the state wagering and gaming licence for Victoria, home of the Melbourne Cricket Club, The Australian Open Tennins Championships and Neighbours. The concession comes up for grabs in London Olympic year, 2012. Ladbrokes says it […]

No-one wants to bid for many of 16 new UK casino licences up for grabs because of the economic slump, it has been claimed. The licences — made available last year when the financial picture was much rosier — now don’t look such a hot prospect. Potential  bidders — including Rank, Gala Coral and Genting […]

A bid to offload Britain’s state-owned bookies has become the latest victim of the banks and shares crisis. The Government had planned to, but now — according to a statement given to MPs yesterday by Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe — a sale is “not appropriate in current market conditions”. A previous bid to flog it […]

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