A gambling addict suing a casino for £16 MILLION lost a further £600,000 in a SINGLE DAY while on honeymoon in a luxury Bahamas resort. Property developer Harry Kakvas is waiting for a court date for his claim that Melbourne’s Crown Casino LURED him into gambling away a fortune — even though he had been […]

A top British bookie may be close to going “under” … DOWN UNDER! Ladbrokes says it is looking to win the state wagering and gaming licence for Victoria, home of the Melbourne Cricket Club, The Australian Open Tennins Championships and Neighbours. The concession comes up for grabs in London Olympic year, 2012. Ladbrokes says it […]

A leading UK-based online operator has decided to BLOCK all residents of the U.S. from accessing its website. Anyone trying to get to smartlivecasino.com from any of the 50 states now gets a message saying: Dear Customer, thank you for showing an interest in Smart Live Casino. Unfortunately, as your I.P. address tracks through the […]

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