Hundreds of illegal slot machines and other “gambling devices” are being sent to the CRUSHER. The 320 machines — seized by cops across South Africa’s Eastern Cape province — are said to be worth £17 MILLION to the gangs running them. Tax “The machines would have generated around £6,500 per day,” said a spokesman for […]

Church leaders have urged to Government to do a U-turn on plans to increase the maximum prizes on slot machines, including end-of-the-pier-style “crane grabs”. Bishops accuse the Department for Culture of caving in to pressure from the gambling industry. They say doubling stakes and jackpots for Category C “One Armed Bandits” and even greater increases […]

A body representing licensed gambling club owners wants a new law giving FAMILIES the power to turn in problem gamers. Under the proposed rules, gambling regulators would HAVE to intervene with blanket bans and counselling on the request of any family member. A pilot program in South Australia has already handled 150 complaints and taken […]