Five friends have escaped jail terms after a jury decided that their friendly poker tournament at the local bar was NOT gambling. Kevin Raley and four other men were arrested last August on charges of professional gambling and illegal gambling after a lengthy undercover investigation by plain-clothed cops. If found guilty of the first charge […]

Britain’s real life Spooks have been hitting the world’s online casinos and poker rooms to track down terrorists, it has been claimed. MI5 is targeting Internet gambling websites in a bid to trap the paymasters of al-Qaeda and other shady organisations who may be using them to launder money. The fear is the secret cash […]

A crackdown on dole-cheats has uncovered dozens of them spending nearly HALF-A-MILLION POUNDS gambling at land-based casinos. The probe into the gambling habits of 2,300 pensioners and jobless welfare claimants found … A “JOBSEEKER” who gambled £5.6 MILLION at the casino tables despite collecting £97.50 a week on the dole MORE than 40 other cases involving […]

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