The leader of an illegal online gambling cartel has been jailed for six years and fined more than HALF-A-MILLION POUNDS. Nineteen other men were handed prison terms ranging from one to five years and fines of between £2,000 and  £100,000. Overseas “This is possibly the country’s biggest online gambling case,” the spokesman for Shanghai Putuo […]

Hundreds of illegal slot machines and other “gambling devices” are being sent to the CRUSHER. The 320 machines — seized by cops across South Africa’s Eastern Cape province — are said to be worth £17 MILLION to the gangs running them. Tax “The machines would have generated around £6,500 per day,” said a spokesman for […]

A gambling addict suing a casino for £16 MILLION lost a further £600,000 in a SINGLE DAY while on honeymoon in a luxury Bahamas resort. Property developer Harry Kakvas is waiting for a court date for his claim that Melbourne’s Crown Casino LURED him into gambling away a fortune — even though he had been […]

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