Moving to distance itself from any form of online gambling, US-based online payment provider PayPal has opened some of its client accounts to the taxman. The US Inland Revenue Service (IRS) demanded PayPal spill the beans on various accounts connected with the use of “offshore” credit cards by US citizens. Now some online gamers have […]

Internet gambling firms are among those battling for the rights to turn this summer’s blockbuster movie titles into online games. Among the big successes so far has been the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider films, but titles like The Dark Knight and The Mummy III are seen by slots programmers as one of the best ways […]

Six hundred people last night attended a tournament dubbed the World Series of Bingo — Night of Champions. The players came from across Windsor, Ontario, in Canada, and the neighbouring US states of Michigan and Ohio to compete. Bosses at the venue Classic Bingo III laid on a buffet dinner, entertainment from singer Crystal Gage […]

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