A leading UK-based online operator has decided to BLOCK all residents of the U.S. from accessing its website. Anyone trying to get to smartlivecasino.com from any of the 50 states now gets a message saying: Dear Customer, thank you for showing an interest in Smart Live Casino. Unfortunately, as your I.P. address tracks through the […]

A crackdown on dole-cheats has uncovered dozens of them spending nearly HALF-A-MILLION POUNDS gambling at land-based casinos. The probe into the gambling habits of 2,300 pensioners and jobless welfare claimants found … A “JOBSEEKER” who gambled £5.6 MILLION at the casino tables despite collecting £97.50 a week on the dole MORE than 40 other cases involving […]

Casino bosses’ hopes for a cut in the minimum gambling age were dashed yesterday after top politicians gave it the thumbs down. The idea was floated last week at a Nevada gaming law conference by a top legal adviser to the Las Vegas gambling industry. But yesterday the leaders in both houses of the Nevada […]

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