Controversial British-based has been SAVED after striking a sponsorship deal with an American online gambling information website.

Speculation has been rife for months that was funding the OPU forum but the rumours were finally confirmed in a press release this morning.

The Union’s chequered past includes playing host to gambling “hacker” cipher — whose blackjack strategies and business dealings caused uproar on gambling message boards. The new rescue package offers a fresh start for a tarnished, if established brand.

Feature Upgrade chief Dominique said they struck the deal after recognising a need to provide a place for players to exchange experiences and help each other with game play.

“We have taken a long look at the, and found the name to express exactly what we wanted to create.

“So many online portals forget about the most important people, their visitors. We’ve always put players first, and it’s about time we provided a platform for players to exchange their experiences.”

Under the rescue deal it also now been upgraded to include private groups concentrating on particular games or online casinos and user blogs.


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