A Florida slots player called cops to report he’d been ROBBED — but later found himself behind bars.

Carlos Jose Gutierrez dialled 911 after a night shovelling coins into one-armed bandits at Tampa’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, claiming that he thought his dosh had been STOLEN by the machines.

But a long-suffering police operator explained the only person who’d broken the law was him — for reporting a fictional crime on an emergency number.


Realising he was on to a loser, Gutierrez admitted to the operator that his call was a mistake.

But minutes later he was back on the line from ANOTHER payphone bemoaning his losses.

This time officers responded and arrived at the scene to take the prattling punter into custody.

But when cops got him back to the station they discovered Gutierrez was onto a real losing streak with outstanding warrants for breaking probation on previous offences.

Gutierrez was charged with misuse of an emergency number and denied bail.


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