Six Brits have been arrested for playing a charity bingo game in a winter sunshine resort.

Cops swooped as the party played innocently in a bar in the popular tourist resort of Altinkum.


After being held for several hours, the six were each fined £55 for unregulated gambling.

Nine other Britons in the bar at the time were freed without charge.

Police made the arrests after locals tippedthem off that the Pyramid Bar was allowing gambling, which is banned in Turkey.

The bar is likely to stay shut for a number of days to punish the owners but patrons have lashed out at the arrests saying the bingo was part of a charity night to raise money towards the medical expenses of British woman.


Ruby Myerscough, 60, who moved to the resort from Burnley, was diagnosed with cancer several weeks ago and was operated on in Turkey.

She now faces the prospect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Pauline Ellington, one of those fined, has lived in Altinkum for three years.

‘Good Cause’

She said: “I hope I don’t get a criminal record for playing bingo.We’ve been hauled out of there as if we are common criminals.

“It’s disgusting as the night was for a good cause.”

In a previous raid in Altinkum in 2007 seven British tourists were fined for playing bingo.


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