Austrian-based online casino bwin is hoping to curve the ball into the back of the net with its latest football sponsorship scheme.

Previous attempts to advertise at matches in Germany’s Bundesliga have run into problems with the State Treaty on Gaming with a partnership with SV Werder Bremen being the most recent casualty.

Now, company chiefs hope to keep the ball in play by only advertising play-for-free site during Bayern Munich matches within Germany, while promoting play-for-real when the club plays away in competitions such as the Champions League.


The deal with Bayern Munich — Germany’s most successful football club and last year’s Bundesliga champions — adds to agreements already in place with other European clubs including AC Milan and Real Madrid.

bwin is currently fighting a number of court battles to establish its right to operate legally in Germany under licences issued in Gibraltar and the former East Germany.

Last week a Schwerin court ruled such permits gave bwin the right to offer its products to citizens of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, including internet gaming.


In contrast, a Cologne court last month ruled bwin could not legally offer online gaming services in Germany.Company bosses have appealed to the Federal Court of Justice and say they will continue to operate.

The German Football Federation (DFL) says teams miss out on between  £80 and £240 million in sponsorship each year as a result of anti-gaming restrictions.


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