A day after it became clear that voters had rejected a plan for a £400 million super casino, local government chiefs have begun cutting spending plans they had based on expected revenue.

Officials in Clinton County, southeastern Ohio, say they need to cut about £1.5 million out of their budget for 2008/2009.

Most voters in Clinton had backed the casino plan — which promised an annual windfall of more than £15 million in an area gfacing massive job lossess with the closure of an air park complex.


But across the state the ballot was rejected by a margin of nearly 2 to 1.

However, Buy aldactone two of the backers of the casino plan offered a glimmer of hope saying they would try to get the idea back on the Ohio ballot in 2009. Low cost levitra

Rick Lertzman and Brad Pressman — cofounders of MyOhioNow.com — said their new plans would call for sites in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Toledo and other areas rather than a single location.


“We remain optimistic,” Pressman said in a release. “We know there is a large base that supports the idea of a casino in Ohio. With that in mind, MyOhioNow has decided to move forward.”

Pressman and Lertzman said they would collect signatures to place a revised issue before voters at the November 2009 general election.

Tuesday’s defeat was the fourth time Ohio voters have rejected casino-style gambling at a public ballot.


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