The Norwegian bishop who was left with huge debts after his son duped him out of millions to fund his gambling addiction has announced he is to quit. Ernst Baasland, the Lutheran Bishop of Stavanger, and his wife Bodhild took out huge loans from friends, acquaintances and banks to assist their son’s Czech IT business. […]

A court has thrown out a British bookie’s bid to challenge Norway’s online gaming monopoly. Ladbrokes launched legal proceedings against the Scandinavians when they turned down its application for a gaming license back in 2004. The company claimed that Norwegian law breached the Rome treaty, European Commission directives and agreements under the European Free Trade […]

A high-ranking churchman who went bankrupt after his son ran up multi-million pound gambling debts has called for internet casinos to be BANNED. Bishop Ernst Baasland’s son Bjarte, 34, is on the run after an international arrest warrant was issued over an alleged £2.8 million fraud. Bjarte told his parents he needed money to set […]

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