An online casino which faced a court claim over a £600,000 competition win can put its chequebook away.

Natalie Teltscher — screen name ‘theVOid’ — had claimed in a submission to the Isle of Man’s High Court court that Man-based online online casino Poker was trying to wriggle out of a $1.3 million prize payout.

However,  in a surprise move, Teltscher — a British citizen — has now dropped her case.


As reported last month, Teltscher was joint winner of World Championship of Online Poker’s No Limits Hold’Em Main Event tournament held in September 2007.

But PokerStars claimed Teltscher — sister of professional poker player — had cheated by using a stand-in during the whole time, in breach of competition rules.

Now, after seeing the evidence ammassed into the case by PokerStars, Teltscher has ADMITTED not being the player on the account and has withdrawn her claim.

Teltscher also confirmed PokerStars’ claim that she had used an “agent” to play for her, although their identity has never been revealed.


The full first prize of $1,378,330.50 has now been confirmed to the initial runner-up “ka$ino”, with all other players being bumped up the winnings scale for the event.

In a statement PokerStars said Teltscher’s withdrawal “fully vindicated” PokerStars’ decision to disqualify her from the tournament and subsequently defend the claim.

The actions taken by PokerStars were taken in order to “protect the integrity of the games on offer.”


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