Schools chiefs are studying a donation worth MORE THAN £26,000 closely because it comes from local casino bosses.

The cash is earmarked to provide all junior schools in Saskatoon, Canada, with automated heart defibrillators.

But even though the cash would not go directly to education accepting the money would cross a line, say insiders.

One of the school trustees, Robin Bellamy, told the Regina Leader-Post newspaper: “We’ve got to obviously think this through.


“I’m not saying it’s right or wrong at this point, but it does take us into another orbit.

“The equipment is very important but is this the right way to get it?”

The Dakota Dunes Casino is run by the Dakota tribe.

Its Community Development Corporation says the donation is part of its mandate is to distribute net casino profits “on a fair and equitable basis” to organizations within a 50-mile radius of Whitecap Dakota Nation including schools.

Trustees board chief Ray Morrison said he had no issue with accepting the money.


“I don’t think they’re different than any other community development corporation that provides money for community initiatives,” he said.

Schools are a focal point of a neighbourhood and used for many community events which will benefit from having the defibrillators on hand, said Morrison.

“Our schools are very busy after classes have ended. They’re used until nine, 10, even 11 o’clock at night,” said Rathwell.

“I feel fortunate and thankful for our students and community that we’re going to get these into our buildings.”

The £26,000 will cover about half the cost of the equipment, with the remainder coming from the school authorities.


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