The highest court in Greece has called on European lawmakers to rule over the country’s state gambling monopoly.

Industry insiders say it shows Greece is worried the European Commission may OVERTURN Greek law which it is claimed breaks free trade rules.

State-upported gambling monopoly OPAP has the exclusive license to provide gambling services to the home market, even excluding other EU nations from gaining a foothold.


Now the High Court has asked the European Court of Justice to decide matters after a challenge to the status quo from Stanleybet International.

Stanleybet’s outlets in Greece were raided last year by cops and several employees arrested. The fact that all were quickly released without charge, spurred suggestions that many thought police had overstepped the mark.

Stanleybet boss John Whittaker welcomed the court move. “The opinion clearly shows the Greek Authorities have discriminated against our company by acting in clear violation of EU Treaties,” he said.

“What further evidence does the Commission need to bring Greece before the European Court of Justice?”


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