France has become the latest European country to say it will make online gambling legal … but with strings!

Under a plan announced by the president of the French National Crime Commission, Alain Bauer,online casino operators will need to make details of punters accounts fully accessible to a new watchdog body which will check for fraud or cheating using state-of-the art computer surveillance.

And would-be players will need to register with legal ID AND a French bank Account.

Background  Checks

On top of this, only online casinos with a history of SEVEN YEARS or longer will be allowed to apply, effectively ruling out most of Europe’s existing online gambling outfits.

France’s Big Brother approach extends to full background checks for all employees, investors and even shareholders!

A UK online casino insider told last night: “It’s only right and proper that the French government should take steps to protect gamblers from shady practices, but this is a bad way to do a good thing.”


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