A gambling addict suing a casino for £16 MILLION lost a further £600,000 in a SINGLE DAY while on honeymoon in a luxury Bahamas resort.

Property developer Harry Kakvas is waiting for a court date for his claim that Melbourne’s Crown Casino LURED him into gambling away a fortune — even though he had been banned from wagering at other casinos in Australia.

Now Atlantis Paradise resort is claiming the 42-year-old owes them thousands he lost in November 2006 in single bets of up to £27,000 which he did not settle.


Kavkas claims Atlantic new of his addiction and therefore the debt cannot be be enforced under Bahamian law.

However a Bahamian judge has ordered and exchange of documents in the case and set a date for trial in July.

The court was told that Kavkas would be calling a large body of evidence from psychiatrists and psychologists who had examined his “special disability”.

Paradise Enterprises claims Kakavas signed five “markers” ranging from £7,000 to £270,000 during his spree and did not make repayment of the loans when requested.

In his defence, Kakavas says the island casino was aware he had a special disability and that he had voluntarily banned himself from Australia’s main casinos with more than £2 million in outstanding “markers” at other casinos.

A full hearing of his action for damages against the Crown Casino is due later this year in the Melbourne Supreme Court.


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