Casino bosses’ hopes for a cut in the minimum gambling age were dashed yesterday after top politicians gave it the thumbs down.

The idea was floated last week at a Nevada gaming law conference by a top legal adviser to the Las Vegas gambling industry.

But yesterday the leaders in both houses of the Nevada State Legislature panned the idea.

And a spokesman for Nevada’s Governor Jim Gibbons described it as “unexpected” and “unsupportable”.


State Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he understood the reason behind the suggestion — the need to raise money or cut spending due to declining tax revenues.

But he said he would oppose any change, and added that he didn’t see much support for the move either.

On Wednesday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported a 5.4 per cent PLUNGE in casino revenues in September alone.


Casino tax take has fallen by 10.9 per cent this year.

Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley said she didn’t have a “strong interest” in the issue, but added: “Of course, there is the argument that if you can vote or go to war at 18, you should be allowed to gamble.”


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