Dozens of British MPs have backed a call for Google to rethink its decision to allow gambling firms to advertise on the search engine’s website.

The early day motion — signed by more than 40 MPs — follows a warning by the Church of England that Google’s actions were “irresponsible”.

The Bill — which has no chance of being made law — reads: “This house notes with concern the recent decision of Google to reintroduce online gambling advertisements during a period of economic downturn; supports the Church of England’s position that the actions of Google risk normalising gambling in society; and calls on Google to review its policy in line with its own obligations on corporate social responsibility.”


A Church spokesman said fantasies of instant wealth could become particularly attractive at times of financial uncertainty, and the consequences of losses correspondingly serious.

Live TV roulette website SmartLive was first off the mark to take advantage of  Google’s rule change last October, followed quickly by bigger companies including Ladbrokes.

Insiders say Google’s revenue is likely to be boosted by up to £300 MILLION this year by allowing gambling ads.


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