Online Casinos FAQ

What is an online casino?

An online casino is a web site offering games you’d find in a real casino.  You’ll usually find poker, texas hold’em, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and craps but most usually offer “softer” games ranging from Tetris to Top Trumps.

How do the games work?

They’re usually based on Random Number Generation programs — also called RNG — which you’ll find in any video game and which are almost completely unpredictable. We say almost, because there is no such thing as a completely random number produced by any sort of code: eventually a pattern will form, it may just take SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS of continuous use to do so.

Is there any other reason to be suspicious?

Well, some people fear that because the games are computer programs they may be influenced in some way by unscrupulous hackers. However, bona fide online casinos are heavily-regulated, open to random inspection by gaming authorities and very jealous of keeping a good reputation and regular customers.

I’m still not sure. Is there an alternative?

The most recent online casinos use real games broadcast live via TV: most commonly roulette and poker. Online casinos like Smart Live Casino use a real roulette wheel broadcast on Sky satellite Television and vice broadband internet to your PC, but a recent entry by broadcasts directly from a Dublin casino.

Who uses online casinos?

Millions of people from around the world are gambling online every day, and every day, more and more join them, gambling for millions of dollars each month. In addition, millions more people play for fun using “virtual” chips issued by the online casinos themsleves. People like to bet online because everyone dreams of breaking the bank.

How do I play at an Online Casino?

Many people test the water by “playing for fun”, others dive in at the depend. Either way, you’ll have to register with the site of your choice first. That means filling in a web-form with relevant details including chosing a player name. Restrictions vary, but usually you can expect to have to come up with a unique player name comprised of between four and eight letters and numbers. Alternatively, many live action casinos run call centres with real live people who will guide you through the process.

Won’t I be expected to pay?

Only if you want to play for real. In this case you’ll also be expected to give details of your payment card or service. You may also be asked to prove your age, since most countries insist that players must be 18 or older.

Is it safe to give all these details?

Many people are afraid to give personal information to web sites but in fact online casinos some of the safest places to do so because they are so regulated. Unlike most e-commerce websites, online casinos can be inspected at any time and their accounts scrutinised for irregularities.

Are there any incentives to play at an online casino?

Many online casinos offer bonuses for new players ranging from £50 to £200 or even more, based on a percentage of your first deposit. There are usually limits which mean that you must place bets equal to several times the value of the bonus before you can draw on it. For long-term players, many casinos run VIP schemes which may include additional play-through bonuses at preferential rates or even refunds of losses.

Can you make money from an online casino?

Well, it’s a gamble. But there are many people that make enough money from casinos to call it their “day job”. However, like all gambling, you can lose too.  Stay focused, play slowly and intelligently and don’t rush to win millions. People who play everyday and make money, say that playing slowly — and playing with your head — is the most important thing. When you keep your feet on the ground, you know where to put your money — and when. This is the path to success.