Britain may get its first Bunny Girls in almost 30 years if plans to reopen the Playboy club get the go-ahead.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire is looking at TWO SITES in central London for the club, which could be open as early as 2010.

As well as gaming at roulette wheels and blackjack tables, and a range of food, the club would feature the iconic bunny girls in swimsuits and bow-ties with bunny ears and a fluffy tail.

Logical Choice

London’s first Bunny Club on Mayfair’s Park Lane — at the time the most profitable casino in the world — closed in 1981 after a vice-squad raid. No evidence of gambling irregularities was ever uncpvered.

Two years ago Hefner opened a Playboy club in Las Vegas that now takes THREE TIMES as much money per table as other casinos in the city and there are plans to open another mega casino in Macau, China, next year.

Dick Rosenzweig, executive vice-president of Playboy, said: “We are looking for opportunities around the world. London will be logical for us. We had some very good years there.”

Favourite site for the new club is the Sports Cafe on Haymarket in London’s West End. The Sports Cafe chain went bust in January with debts of £10 million.


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