Interpol says more than 1,300 people have been arrested across Asia in a major operation against illegal betting on the Euro 2008 finals.

The seizures were the climax of a TWO-MONTH investigation by Soccer Gambling (SoGa) in which Asian law enforcement officers raided 1,088 illegal gambling dens, many controlled by organised crime gangs.

Carrying the Torch

Interpol say the haul was worth more than £8 million and involved police and other agencies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China, including Hong Kong and Macao.

Officials revealed that the operation led to more than THREE TIMES as many arrests and 25 times more cash seized than a previous operation last year when Asians placed bets on the beginning of the soccer season.

Interpol plans to use SoGa as a base for security co-operation during next month’s Beijing Olympics.


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