Telly-based online casino Smart TV has told Casino Update UK it is planning a summer “joust” to bring in the big spenders.

For seven days — from 5pm this Friday to 5pm the following Friday — it plans to total up all bets placed by punters on its TWO televised roulette wheels to see who has the highest turnover in that time.

Juicy Stake

The high-roller will then be offered a SEVEN-NIGHT luxury stay at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

The prize also comes with $1,000 stake money to play on the tables.

The VIP Tournament Promotion is timed to highlight the launch of Smart’s new High Roller automatic roulette wheel — on Sky channel 870 — with a maximum bet increased to £3,000.

New Benefits

“We’re ramping up our VIP rewards in preparation for a new programme of benefits for our best customers,” said Smart TV marketing chief Rob O’Connor. “But ALL Smart Live Casino players will benefit. Watch this space for more goodies!”

This month, Smart Live Casino has already offered VIPs a £1,000 bonus and given away tellies, lap-top PCs and iPods in similar promotions.


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