A city boss has warned casinos in Europe’s Stag-Party capital that their days are NUMBERED.

Jaanus Mutli, Deputy Mayor of the Estonian capital, Tallinn, told local paper Pealinn that a new development plan for the city’s “Old Town” would KILL OFF casinos operating there because their leases would not be extended.

Poker City

In addition, Mutli said planned new rules — originally proposed by a gambling addicts group — would limit opening hours across the city to times when children and young people were home asleep.

Mutli added: “I believe the majority of Tallinners agree that casinos and the Old Town do not go together.”

Last year, poker magazine Bluff Europe named Tallinn as one of the top three cities in Europe for the game, and the city is among the most popular destinations for stag parties looking for cheap booze and entertainment.


Estonia — a former Soviet state with a population of just over a millionhas among Europe’s most easy going gambling laws.

But with problem gaming rates put at higher than 6 per cent of adults, plans to SLASH the number of casinos from 139 nationwide have been announced.


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