A gambling addict suing a casino for £16 MILLION lost a further £600,000 in a SINGLE DAY while on honeymoon in a luxury Bahamas resort. Property developer Harry Kakvas is waiting for a court date for his claim that Melbourne’s Crown Casino LURED him into gambling away a fortune — even though he had been […]

Britain’s real life Spooks have been hitting the world’s online casinos and poker rooms to track down terrorists, it has been claimed. MI5 is targeting Internet gambling websites in a bid to trap the paymasters of al-Qaeda and other shady organisations who may be using them to launder money. The fear is the secret cash […]

Police have arrested eight syndicate members for illegal gambling activities involving soccer and horse racing. The eight suspects — seven men and one woman aged between 25 and 53 — were held during a nine-hour operation on Saturday at various locations in western Singapore. All have been released on police bail. Cops also seized computers, […]

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