A leading UK-based online operator has decided to BLOCK all residents of the U.S. from accessing its website. Anyone trying to get to smartlivecasino.com from any of the 50 states now gets a message saying: Dear Customer, thank you for showing an interest in Smart Live Casino. Unfortunately, as your I.P. address tracks through the […]

One of the biggest names in the casino business is staring collapse in the face, it was feared last night. Shares in Las Vegas Sands crumbled by more than A THIRD after the one-time high-flying casino company said it was unlikely to be able to pay it debts. Bosses at Sands yesterday told regulators that […]

Macao’s casinos are heading for a FALL next year, the island’s Chinese bosses have warned. Ho Hau Wah — the man who runs the former portuguese colony on behalf of its new rulers in mainland China — said today that the autonomous city state’s prosperity was likely to suffer NEGATIVE growth next year as the […]

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