Hundreds of illegal slot machines and other “gambling devices” are being sent to the CRUSHER. The 320 machines — seized by cops across South Africa’s Eastern Cape province — are said to be worth £17 MILLION to the gangs running them. Tax “The machines would have generated around £6,500 per day,” said a spokesman for […]

Five friends have escaped jail terms after a jury decided that their friendly poker tournament at the local bar was NOT gambling. Kevin Raley and four other men were arrested last August on charges of professional gambling and illegal gambling after a lengthy undercover investigation by plain-clothed cops. If found guilty of the first charge […]

Eight people were arrested after police made a teatime swoop to break up an illegal gambling syndicate. The seven men and one woman — aged between 19 and 60 — were surprised in the 6pm raid on an apartment in Wadihana, Singapore. Part-timers Officers confiscated books and records of football, horse racing and public lottery […]

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