Britain’s real life Spooks have been hitting the world’s online casinos and poker rooms to track down terrorists, it has been claimed. MI5 is targeting Internet gambling websites in a bid to trap the paymasters of al-Qaeda and other shady organisations who may be using them to launder money. The fear is the secret cash […]

A court bid to confiscate more than 140 internet gambling domain names CAN go ahead, a judge has decided. Franklin County Circuit Court judge Thomas Wingate has thrown out a bid by the web site operators to dismiss an action brought by Kentucky State Governor Steve Beshear. Beshear wants to take control of the domains […]

A Chinese couple battered to death in a Newcastle terrace earlier this week may have been part of a global internet betting scam, police have revealed. Zhen Xing Yang is believed to have been TORTURED for up to an hour before he died in the flat he shared with girlfriend Xi Zhou in Newcastle’s West […]

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