A Malaysian government spokesman has given internet cafes a month to stop illegal gambling activities — or else! Nga Kor Ming, Education, Local Government, Housing and Public Transport Committee chairman for the state of Perak, said the cafes were acting like a magnet for children. Child’s Play “We’re not saying all cybercafés are operating like […]

While more and more gamblers in the UK and Europe are being told they CANNOT light up at the tables, a US judge has effectively ruled bingo players can smoke their heads off. Circuit Judge Richard Smith has told the city of Greenville, Mississippi, that it cannot ban smoking in bingo halls without the same […]

A croupier who fiddled a roulette wheel so his niece could rake in thousands has been given a 16-week jail sentence. Geordie Graham Magee, 28, and girlfriend Shelley butters, 19, who also worked in the casino, made sure the ball landed on number 28 when he knew Anneka Strachan, 22, had bet on it. But […]

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