Punter Paul Greenwood has been awarded 2008’s least-wanted title after “gut feeling” turned into “gut-wrenching agony”. Paul, 52, made his regular £10 accumulator bet on a series of 14 football matches with cumulative odds of 79,500-1. Originally the Barnsley man included his local Premiership giants Manchester United in his line-up but at the last minute […]

A bid to offload Britain’s state-owned bookies has become the latest victim of the banks and shares crisis. The Government had planned to, but now — according to a statement given to MPs yesterday by Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe — a sale is “not appropriate in current market conditions”. A previous bid to flog it […]

A Florida slots player called cops to report he’d been ROBBED — but later found himself behind bars. Carlos Jose Gutierrez dialled 911 after a night shovelling coins into one-armed bandits at Tampa’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, claiming that he thought his dosh had been STOLEN by the machines. But a long-suffering police operator […]

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