A chance to escape the financial doom and gloom may be encouraging some punters to wager a little more at Britain’s bingo halls and casino tables. That’s what figures from one of the country’s biggest entertainment names seems to show. While admissions at Mecca Bingo halls fell by 5 per cent over the last 15 […]

A 20 PER CENT plunge in casino profits is being blamed on an 11-month-old smoking ban. In fact the fall in takings is ALMOST EXACTLY the 19 per cent figure predicted by the chief of the Illinois casino Gaming Association, Tom Swoik, when the ban was first debated in 2007. Quoted on the website chicagoist.com, […]

While more and more gamblers in the UK and Europe are being told they CANNOT light up at the tables, a US judge has effectively ruled bingo players can smoke their heads off. Circuit Judge Richard Smith has told the city of Greenville, Mississippi, that it cannot ban smoking in bingo halls without the same […]

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