The effects of the recession on the Las Vegas Strip are “worse than 9/11?, an industry expert has claimed as the world-famous gambling centre posted its WORST fall in takings ever. Gambling revenues plunged 23 per cent in December, as fewer punters came to visit and those who did spent less, figures released by the […]

Eight people were arrested after police made a teatime swoop to break up an illegal gambling syndicate. The seven men and one woman — aged between 19 and 60 — were surprised in the 6pm raid on an apartment in Wadihana, Singapore. Part-timers Officers confiscated books and records of football, horse racing and public lottery […]

A 20 PER CENT plunge in casino profits is being blamed on an 11-month-old smoking ban. In fact the fall in takings is ALMOST EXACTLY the 19 per cent figure predicted by the chief of the Illinois casino Gaming Association, Tom Swoik, when the ban was first debated in 2007. Quoted on the website, […]

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