Punter Paul Greenwood has been awarded 2008’s least-wanted title after “gut feeling” turned into “gut-wrenching agony”.

Paul, 52, made his regular £10 accumulator bet on a series of 14 football matches with cumulative odds of 79,500-1.

Originally the Barnsley man included his local Premiership giants Manchester United in his line-up but at the last minute decided to play away and switch game number 14 to London rivals Arsenal.

It was all going to plan when the first 13 predictions went his way but as Arsenal slipped up against Aston Villa Paul knew he’d missed out on a £795,000 PAYDAY.

And — adding insult to injury — Man U WON their match.

Horses mouth

Now, taking pity on Britain’s UNLUCKIEST punter, bookies William Hill have given Paul a £1,000 free bet.

Spokesman Graham Sharpe said: “Against a great deal of competition from punters beaten by a short-head or a fall in horse races, we’ve declared Paul officially the ‘Unluckiest Punter in the UK’.

“I’d think our customers will be desperate to know what Paul places his free bet on — so they can avoid it!”


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