Fifteen IT staff at Gibraltar-based online bookmaker and casino Victor Chandler have been arrested by Malaysian police following a crackdown on illegal gambling.

Authorities claimed the Kuala Lumpur customer service centre was in fact an international football gambling syndicate using Victor Chandler’s offices as a front, and was collecting over 5 million dollars a month in bets from China and Europe.


Vice-squad officers seized 40 computers and a laptop in the raid. “We have identified two local women as directors of the company and we would be questioning them on theillegal activities,” said a police spokesman.

Victor Chandler bosses are flying to Malaysia to discover why their staff were arrested and held for six days. All 15, since released on indefinite bail, have not been charged.

“We believe there’s been a mixup,” said Phil Hall, Victor Chandler’s PR representative.”The Malaysian operation is a customer service center, an IT center, and has never been used for any sort of gambling or the taking of bets. It is therefore not in breach of any Malaysian gambling laws.”


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