Richard Branson’s Virgin Media tomorrow launch a new gambling channel to cable TV subscribers.

Challenge Jackpot will be a joint venture with leading UK TV production company Two Way Media, a subsidiary of Win Gaming Media. Challenge Jackpot will be broadcast on Virgin Media’s UK cable network alongside VMtv’s long-established Challenge channel. After midnight, the channel will also be aired on VMtv’s Virgin1 and Bravo2 channels, extending its reach to homes with SKY satellite or Freeview.

Live Services

Challenge Jackpot viewers will be able to play a variety of casino and skill games.  Two Way Gaming will operate the associated gambling services. The new service will run at least eight hours of new live studio games every day. The flagship game at tomorrow’s launch will be Roulette Nation, but VMtv bosses say live blackjack and bingo will follow.

VMtv managing director Jonathan Webb said the new channel was “the first step in reinventing our Challenge brand for the 21st century.”


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