Wilmington, Ohio, could become the next Las Vegas if a new bill gets the voters’ backing.

Unusually, the propsed casino would offer ALL the types of gambling that are allowed in Nevada — except for sports books. Most other states considering the legalizing of gambling opt only for slots.

In return, bosses at the new casino say they will pay the state government 30 PER CENT of gross takings, that’s around £100 MILLION a year.


Clinton County — which contains Wilmington — would get 10 per cent of this money with Ohio’s other 87 counties splitting the rest.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City have reported falling revenues in the face of the credit crunch and soaring gas prices, as visitors shy away from the long drives to  traditional casino centres.

But backers of the £300 MILLION Wilmington project say providing a full range of gambling opportunities close to home — from slots to table games — will bring in vital NEW revenue to the state and local communities.


If it wins through on November 4, the new resort would be completed by Summer 2010, offering golf, an international spa and eight restaurants.

The project developers say in addition to the tax take, 5,000 new jobs will be created flooding more money into the state economy.

Observers say the signs are good for the proposal but Ohio voters have rejected casino gambling at least three times since 1990.


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