One of the internet’s fastest growing online gambling communities WassOnline claims to have relaunched its website as a geek’s dream.

Working to guidelines laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium — known as W3C — WassOnline says its site is now “fully W3C compliant”, meaning it is available to anybody using any sort of computer, mobile device or even iPhone.

No Handicap?

W3C was the 1994 brainchild of Sir Tim Berners-Lee — a British boffin dubbed “Father of the Internet”. Together with other W3C members, and a staff of technical experts from across the globe, his mission has been to improve web accessibility for ALL users.

WassOnline says its new website is even set-up to allow visually-impaired members to use  the facilities, including a range of exclusive live tournament games, tutorials, 3D world features and character profile options, as well as reviews of the largest online casinos available.

Partially-sighted and blind visitors can now increase the text size to a comfortable level, it claims, or even run pages through a “screen reader” which says the words out loud.

Change is Good

However, when the Casino Update “Nerd-in-Chief” visited the site this afternoon he found that WassOnline is NOT the “Geek’s Paradise” it claims, using an outdated “page type” and using old-style back-end code which CANNOT be easily interpreted by screen readers. Furthermore, he claims that 10 small changes to the code would have made the site properly W3C compliant!

WassOnline claims it is signing up at least 80 new members a day, and has given away $100,000 through live poker tournaments and freerolls held across various online poker sites.


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